Wednesday, 26 October 2016

ARBA Gig Guide W/E - 4/11

Thursday October 27
The Associates @ the Gumbo room blues jam from 8.30pm

Friday October 28

Chica Chica Electrica at 'The Baddog' for Dia De Los Muertos 8 PM 

The Steve Brown Band @ The Semaphore Workers Club  $10.00 
 Doors open 8 till midnight. 

Billy Bob & Jamie Jones Experience @ The Southwark Hotel 7.30 pm

Bonfire Blues @ the Kingsford Hotel 32 Murray st Gawler 7.30pm

Matt Taylor's Chain
most people can relate to the popularity of songs like ‘black and blue’ and ‘i remember when i was young’. 

Chain is the foremost exponent of ‘Aussie blues' and features long time taylor co-hort and friend chris Finnen on guitar. Frank Lang and Trapper are the rhythm section.
Matt is looking forward to getting together with chris trap and frank for the first time in a years to play the blues.
A contributor to the Australian music archive was heard to say “if you haven’t got a chain album you’re not Australian” 
Friday October 28th: the old spot hotel salisbury heights

Saturday October 29 

Matt Taylor's Chain @ the Port Noarlunga and Christies Beach RSL

The Chairmen
Charleston Hotel 8.30pm
26 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Charleston

Sun. 30th: Semaphore Workers Club

Wednesday November 2
The Blues lounge Blues Jam @ The Gassie every Tuesday from 8pm

The Gaslight Tavern 36 Chief St. Brompton

Sav Palaktsoglou @ Gilbert street hotel (Gilbert st.Adelaide) with Mick Garcia on drums 7-10pm

Friday November 4 

Thirty two Twenty
Semaphore Workers Club from 8 PM

Sav Palaktsoglou @ Baddog bar(63 Hyde st Adelaide) 8-11 pm

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